Our Fleet

Airbus/Eurocopter H130

The versatile and supremely comfortable Airbus H130, previously known as Eurocopter EC130 is the pride of our luxury fleet. We operate multiple examples, all maintained to the absolute highest standard. Our Airbus H130s feature:

6 Passenger Seats
Executive Spec Leather and Carpet Interior
Fenestron tail rotor to reduce noise
Fantastic touring with amazing visibility
Noise Cancelling BOSE Headsets
Capacity for a variety of luggage requirements

Bell 427

The Bell 427 is our largest helicopter. It has the fastest cruising speed and longest range of all the helicopters in our fleet, making it perfect for longer trips. Its main features are:

Powered by twin Pratt and Whitney jet turbine engines
7 passenger seats - Club seating for 6 in the rear cabin, plus the co-pilot seat can be made available for a 7th passenger on some flights.
Large side windows tinted for comfort, offering exceptional views out both sides
Luxury leather seats
Noise Cancelling BOSE Headsets
Great luggage capacity


The R44 is perfect for local flights around Auckland, whether its your first helicopter experience, or a private trip for a couple for a restaurant package or overnight trip. Despite its smaller size, our example is still kitted out as a luxury helicopter with the following features:

3 leather passenger seats
BOSE noise cancelling headsets
Fantastic visibility
Bladder fuel tanks fitted
Capacity for light carry on luggage